Wild West Adventure is a fan episode by Slipperyfish913


The girls go on a cowgirl adventure in the west with some unexpected surprises! What awaits them in the wild west?

Episode plotEdit

The episode begins with the girls trying on cowgirl outfits at Raspberry's boutique, ready for a little adventure in the wild west, and they planned on riding their horses there.

The girls had cleaned, groomed and fed their horses before tacking them, ready for their journey.

The sun was shining as they rode west, Crystal and Butterscotch lead the others as they trotted along the path with Strawberry and Apple chuckling during the ride.

Bluebell neighed as Blueberry stroked her mane.

As the morning went by, Lemon and Gold-Lock were watching the scenery go by!

Plum and Groove then noticed a stampede of cows heading for their destination. Everyone grabbed a lasso and chased after the stampede!

Through the countryside they all galloped, High-Note galloping the fastest of all was at the front of the stampede.

They lassoed the cattle with time to spare!

(More coming soon!)