I really don't get what's with me and transcripts... Here's Glimmer's story.
Glimmer (With Added Saddle and Reins)

(Raspberry is taking a little stroll in the countryside)

Raspberry: I just love walking through the countryside. (Chuckles) It's such a nice day for it. (Whistles for a minute) Yep, it really is... (Hears a horse neighing) ...a nice day for a stroll. (Stops walking) Was that a horse? (Sees Glimmer) Awww... (As she gets closer to Glimmer): Poor thing. (Strokes the horse) Hello there.

Original owner: Excuse me ma'am, have you come to see the horse?

Raspberry: Well, I was taking a little stroll and I saw this poor thing feeling lonely. (Giggles as she gets licked by Glimmer)

Original owner: (Chuckles) It seems Glimmer is fond of you. (As he opened Glimmer's stable and she walked out): She must of loved how you cared for her.

Raspberry (As the owner grabs Glimmer's saddle and reins): Yeah. I felt bad that she was alone. It's kind of good that she gets to come out.

Original owner (As he put the saddle and reins on Glimmer): Yeah.

(Raspberry gets curious)

(The owner brings Glimmer closer to Raspberry)

Original owner: If you're curious about what's going on, I'm just gonna say that you are welcome to ride Glimmer for some time.

Raspberry: Well, it's very nice... Okay.

Original owner: In your own time of course.

(Raspberry gets on Glimmer)

(A few minutes later, Glimmer is galloping about)

(The original owner makes a call)

--30 minutes later--

Vet: Hello.

Raspberry: Huh? (Lets Glimmer stop and she then gets off of Glimmer's back) Why is the vet here?

Original owner: It's a special reason.

(When that special reason was done...)

Vet (To Raspberry): Well, the original owner wants you to sign on this line right here. (Shows Raspberry where to sign the paper)

Raspberry: Okay... (Writes her name on the line) There.

Vet: Wanna open it?

Raspberry: (Rolls it open) WHA...? Ownership? But... But why?

Original owner: Well dear, Glimmer has been picked on by the other horses over the last week.

Raspberry: And she wanted someone to adopt her so she wouldn't be pick on. Now I get it.

Vet: If you wish to ride home on Glimmer, it's fine with us.

Original owner: Yeah. Thanks for making her feel better. (Waves goodbye to Glimmer)

(Raspberry rides home on Glimmer)

--When Glimmer arrives--

(High-Note and Gold-Lock neigh excitedly)

Raspberry: Wow, you've been liked already.

End of transcript.