Theme Colors Red
Physical and Vital Information
Race Dog
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Personal Status

Speedy is Tomato Ketchup's pet dog who comes along for a ride when his owner is racing.

Appearance Edit

Speedy is red Labrador with a green nose, a green collar that bares a tag shaped like a tomato (With a gold trophy in front). He is the same height as Cinnapup, the spikes in his hair even matches.

When he comes to a race, he has a little leather jacket say "I'm a cool pup" and sunglasses that match how big his eyes are.

Friends Edit

Tomato: His owner.

Pupcake: Speedy loves running around the Berry Bitty City Dog Park with Pupcake.

Pitterpatch: Dancing partner.

Trivia Edit

Speedy loves living in the fast lane.
  • He is quite a fast runner because he used a treadmill.
  • When racing, if anyone is coming up the back of the racing pack, Speedy barks 5 times to give Tomato a heads up.