Princess Rose
Princess Rose
Closest resemblance to Princess Rose
Theme Colors Red and Gold
Symbol Gold princess crown
Pet Pumpkin: white puppy

Beauty: pink cat

Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Gold amber
Hair Color Rose red
Professional Statistics
Occupation Royal princess
Personal Status
Relatives Mother: Queen of Berryvania

Princess Rose is a royal princess that lives in the kingdom of Berryvania. She lives with the Queen of Berryvania in the castle and lives the dream life of a princess with fancy dresses, jewelry, butlers that serve her, and many many more, but even with all this luxury in her life, Rose sometimes dreams of being free from her princess duties and have the freedom of a normal girl for a day.


Princess Rose was born into the royal family when she was a baby. As she grew up, Rose was taught the royal ways of being a princess, such as walking properly, learning table manners, curtsying to guests, and everything else. She loved her princess life and her royal family. By the time Princess Rose was around Strawberry Shortcake's age, she had learned and mastered everything needed to know about how to be a proper princess and perform her princess duties. However, Princess Rose

Coming to Berry Bitty CityEdit

Princess Berrykin makes an announcement that the Queen of Berryvania is coming to Berry Bitty City to meet with her about a few important issues and the queen is bringing her daughter, Princess Rose, along for the trip. Strawberry Shortcake volunteers to show Princess Rose around Berry Bitty City and to make sure she has a good time. When the Queen and Princess Rose arrives in their carriage, Strawberry and Princess Berrykin are the first to greet them. While the Queen and Princess Berrykin have their meeting, Strawberry gives Princess Rose a grand tour of Berry Bitty City, showing the princess everything that the town has to offer. Rose is curious about the town and is amazed at the things she sees. Strawberry introduces Rose to the group of girls and they plan a fun day of activities for all of them to do, starting off with a badminton tournament at the badminton court. Princess Rose, being the well-mannered princess she is, declines participating in the tournament because she doesn't like running around and getting sweaty. The girls think that she's nervous, so they play on as she watches. Princess Rose then suggests that they should go sailing in the boats and she has lots of fun, but the other girls get bored after sailing around and around the lake for about an hour. The day goes on and the girls have a secret meeting and talk about how strange Princess Rose is since she keeps suggesting things that are classy instead of fun and how she doesn't play with them. Rose overhears the meeting and gets upset and runs away. The girls look all over Berry Bitty City for her and Strawberry finds the princess in one of the beach houses. After managing to talk to Princess Rose, Strawberry and the girls decide to honor Rose's princess personality by throwing her a fancy tea party and all the girls dress up as princesses with their puppies as royal jesters. Rose thinks the girls are faking, but the girls apologize to Rose and tell her how truely sorry they are. Rose looks around at the fancy party and at the girls. She smiles and forgives the girls. They enjoy the tea party and Princess Rose even shows the girls how to balance books on her head. At the end of the day, Princess Rose becomes best friends with Strawberry and the gang and promises to come back for another visit.


Princess Rose is a very sweet and polite girl who always uses her manners and shows orderly behavior. She enjoys exploring new things and is curious to learn more about Berry Bitty City and her new surroundings, but is a little shy when trying new activities that she thinks look too wild or energetic. Her princess-like personality means she rarely ever gets mad, but she'll instead try to discipline someone by saying that what they are doing is very rude and they should act with more respect if the time ever comes, which is once in a while. She also enjoys hearing classical music as it helps her relax. Rose will always try her best to make her new friends feel better if they are sad or upset by saying kind and sweet things about them.

Her favorite activites include talking with the other girls while drinking tea, taking nice strolls along the trails on sunny days, playing croquet and mini golf, and also ballroom dancing at Plum Pudding's dance studio.

Rose's princess personality also has it's drawbacks. She hates loud or wild things, prefering more to quiet and relaxed things such as a nice picnic in the gazebo or playing croquet. Also, Princess Rose absolutely hates to get dirty and will avoid anything that may get her dirty, muddy, filthy, or sweaty. If she ever does get herself or her clothes even a little dirty, she'll stop whatever she's doing and try to clean herself up immediately. Another drawback is that she tends to not think straight when stressed out or under pressure. Rose likes to handle things one at a time so she can be focused on that one task only.


When Princess Rose first arrives in Berry Bitty City, she has rose-red hair that is waist-length and has multiple curls of hair that also go along the lining of her hair. She wears a gold princess tiara that's decorated all over with small diamonds and has five ruby jewels on the face of the tiara, with the middle ruby being slightly bigger than the others and in the shape of a heart. Her outfit is a red dress with small gold sleeves and elbow-length gold gloves, with a gold and red ring around the index finger of her left hand. She wears a sparkly gold colored band around her waist and has a gold necklace around her neck with a red ruby heart necklace to match her tiara.



Princess Rose's royal family carriage

Owned by her family is the royal carriage that Princess Rose uses to travel around on long trips to other places. While it has this style, the color of the carriage is actually red (instead of black), with gold wheels and gold trim. It is pulled by two white horses and can seat up to four people.



Rose's puppy Royal

Royal: Princess Rose's puppy. She is trained in elegance and behaves just like Rose. Royal enjoys having bubble baths and looking her best for Rose. Rose met Royal when she found her abandoned in an alley in the village of Berryvania. Rose took the puppy home and adopted her right away. The two are now great companions. Royal likes to dress up by wearing her favorite silver tiara, jewel-studded collar, and blue bow on her tail.


Rose's cat Beauty

Beauty: Rose met Beauty when her parents gave her the lovely kitten as a Christmas present. Beauty is an adorable kitten who enjoys laying in the sun, playing with a ball of yarn, and having her fur brushed by Rose. Unlike most cats, Beauty enjoys having a bubble bath and doesn't mind water. She'll sit in anyone's lap and purrs when she's happy while also cuddling up to the person. Beauty likes to wear her gold crown, pink jewel collar, and pink bow on her tail.


Princess Rose has a few talents since she learned how to be a princess. She can balance three books on her head and walk at the same time without dropping them. She also can play classical music on her violin and is a very good violinist.

Rose's main talent is ballroom dancing. She is very light on her feet and her favorite dance is the waltz.


  • Princess Rose likes to wear dresses and she'll go no shorter than her knees.
  • She never goes anywhere without wearing a tiara on her head to symbolize that she's a princess.
  • To prove that she is part of the royal family, Rose has a birthmark on her right arm right below her shoulder that is in the shape of a crown.
  • Even though Princess Rose likes to play classical music, she also enjoys hearing Strawberry's song Life is Sweet and Cherry's song Dance Puppy Dance.
  • Refers to the girls as "ladies" because she thinks it's more proper to say.
  • Rose and Strawberry are almost identical in looks and personality, but there are some differences between them.
Differences Strawberry Shortcake Princess Rose
Eye color Green Gold Amber
Voice Regular voice Royal British
Instrument Guitar Violin
Pets Pupcake & Custard Royal & Beauty
Job Cook Princess
Plays sports Yes No
Home Cafe Castle
Extra feature Freckles between her eyes Royal birthmark on her right arm
Headwear Strawberry hat Princess tiara
Accessories Hair bow Ring on left index finger and ruby necklace


  • (curtsies) "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Princess Rose of Berryvania, royal heir to the queen's throne."
  • (when Rose gets dirty) "Ahh! My dress! It's ruined! Oh no! Oh no! I need to get this cleaned up right away!"
  • (sees the girls playing a sport) "Umm. As much as I would like to play this game, I'm afraid I'll have to pass."
  • (overhears the girls and gets upset) "You don't think I'm fun just because I like classy things? I'm just a strange girl to you?"
  • "If Beauty purrs, it means she really likes you."
  • "Berry Bitty City is so wonderful. There's so much that I have yet to do and a lot that I need to see."
  • "Thank you so much ladies. This looks like a splendid tea party."


Strawberry Shortcake: The first girl that Princess Rose meets during her arrival. Strawberry gives Rose a tour of Berry Bitty City and introduces her to all her friends. Strawberry and Rose look almost identical, that a few baby Berrykins mistook Rose and thought she was Strawberry, which Strawberry thought was a little funny. During the day, Strawberry gets to know Rose a lot better by talking to her a lot, learning more about life in the castle and how she was taught to act mature and proper to others. Strawberry is also the girl who comforts Princess Rose after she hears the girls secretly talking about her behind her back.

Cherry Jam: During the tour of Berry Bitty City, Princess Rose overhears Cherry and sees her dancing and singing on stage along with her puppy Cinnapup. Rose enjoys Cherry's song Dance Puppy Dance and compliments her on the catchy song. Princess Rose teaches Cherry a few classical songs on the violin while Cherry teaches Rose some dancing songs that she would enjoy.

Plum Pudding: Rose meets Plum at her dance studio while Plum is giving Lemon, Blueberry, and Raspberry a ballet lesson. She enjoys watching the girls preform graceful ballet moves and is eager to learn herself too. At first, Rose struggles to be as graceful as the others, but Plum helps her out a lot and Rose learns fast. In exchange for the ballet lessons, she offer's Plum some lessons on ballroom dancing since Plum is a little rusty on that topic.

Raspberry Torte: Raspberry makes all of Rose's play clothes so that Rose can have as much fun as she wants without getting her fancy princess dresses dirty. Rose is still hesitant about getting her play clothes dirty since Raspberry made them so beautiful, but Raspberry tells Rose that it's no big deal if the clothes get dirty, as long as Rose has fun being with her friends.

Mr. Longface: Rose spends a lot of her time with Mr. Longface since the two of them have much in common when it comes to being proper and acting orderly. She always enjoys playing croquet and mini golf as she finds these games quiet and relaxing while still being lots of fun for her.