Pizza and Pasta are two Italian brothers that were born in Italy. They work very well together and make a great team when cooking food. They also like entertaining people and putting on shows displaying their food tricks.


Growing up in beautiful Italy, Pizza and Pasta were surrounded by wonderful sights and smells that the country had to offer, but they both had a dream of traveling the world and showing other people their Italian culture. After growing up and saving their money for years, the brothers bought their own food truck and took it around the world, making delicious Italian food for people to enjoy. Their cooking skills in Italian foods are amazing as that is their specialty.

 Coming to Berry Bitty CityEdit

When the bothers first arrive, Strawberry is out in the meadow with her two pets Pupcake and Custard, trying to come up with a new food theme that will surprise her customers. She hears a conversation in the distance and walks over to find the Italian brothers' truck had broken down on the side of the road. When Pizza and Pasta first see Strawberry, Pizza thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world and he tries to win her heart, but Strawberry instead offers both boys a ride back to Berry Bitty City. While the truck's engine is being fixed at the Berry Bitty Repair Shop by Berrykin Bruce, Pizza and Pasta give Strawberry a great thank you for helping them. In exchange for her kind deed, the brothers offer their Italian recipes and show Strawberry Shortcake how to make Italian food to surprise her customers.


Pizza and Pasta are a great team when working together. They always have each other's backs and solve problems in a creative way. For example, during a lunch rush, Strawberry and the Grape twins are overwhelmed with orders and all three are struggling to keep up. The Italian brothers see this and decide to put on an entertaining show to distract the crowd. With the crowd distracted by the entertainment, Strawberry and the twins finish the orders and make it through the rest of lunchtime.

Pizza and Pasta always try to look on the bright side of things, even when things look negative and down, they always try to stay positive, just like Strawberry. They're always full of spirit, and certainly love to dance around and make people smile and happy. They rarely argue over anything, but once in a while they will disagree on something small, but then later make up and come to a conclusion.


Pizza and Pasta both have short, black hair and a regular skin-tone color, like Strawberry's skin color. Both of their eyes are brown and they speak in Italian accents. Their only difference is their height, with Pasta being about two inches taller than Pizza.


Pizza's neck scarf

When the two first meet Strawberry Shortcake at their broken food truck, they're dressed in regular everyday clothes. Pizza wears a simple white, button-down shirt with black silk pants and red leather shoes. He also wears a red, Western-style neck scarf around his neck. Pasta wears a simple red, button-down shirt with white silk pants and black leather dress shoes, with the same kind of neck scarf around his neck except in white.


Pizza and Pasta's chef outfits

For their work outfits, the boys dress in identical chef outfits. The outfits are white, long-sleeved jackets with black contrasting collar, cuffs and two rows of black buttons going down the length in the middle. They also wear grey pants, black leather shoes, and short muffin-top chef hats.

Food TruckEdit


The brothers' food truck in real life

Supporting the colors of the Italian flag, Pizza and Pasta's food truck shows their love of Italy by having the flag painted on the sides of the truck. With a stocked-kitchen area in the back, the brothers are able to spread their Italian foods around the world. It's a bit larger than Sweet and Sour's Food Truck and is also a little slower due to the cooking area in the back, but the main difference is that the side of the food truck can open up into a large window to service customers on the go.


Pizza and Pasta's main talent is obvously cooking Italian food. Pizza, due to his name, specializes in making pizzas of all kinds and flavors. Anyone who eats one of his pizzas immediately falls in love with it, saying how delicious the pizza is. Pasta specializes in different kinds of pasta, his favorite being spaghetti.

While being fantastic Italian cooks, the brothers also have another major talent that they enjoy very much. While living in Italy, business at their parents restaurant was slow and they were getting no customers. Feeling bored, Pizza was trying to learn a new trick by spinning pizza dough in the air with one hand. Pasta was boiling noodles and accidentally made one super long noodle that was about 10 feet in length. Using this noodle, Pasta started twirling it around like a rope and even used it as a lasso to snatch Pizza's dough out of mid air. Some people noticed this and started to watch. The boys took this chance and started doing amazing tricks with their food ingredients. Since then, they've become masters at food acrobatics. Pizza can now juggle three pizza dough's at once using one hand while Pasta uses his long noodle rope and can hit anything out of the air like a whip.

During their spare time, Pizza and Pasta play a little on their instruments. Pizza learned how to play the violin and knows a few romantic Italian songs while Pasta plays joyful melodies on the acoustic gutar.


  • Pizza and Pasta's favorite Italian song is called Tarantella Neapoletana. The song helps show their fun and happy personalities while being festive and showing the Italian spirit.
  • Here's the link to the song if you want to listen:
  • Pizza is the only brother who knows how to whistle and likes whistling Tarantella Neapoletana when he cooks.
  • Anytime the boys accomplish a big task, such as pleasing a customer or solving a problem, they celebrate by giving each other a high-five and do a little Italian dance.
  • Pizza sometimes tries to be romantic to Strawberry and win her heart, which is kinda funny to watch him try, but Pasta always pulls him out, knowing Strawberry isn't interested in dating.
  • They sometimes speak Italian sentences when talking to each other, and they also speak English very well, but they do translate their Italian sentences to English so the girls can understand.
  • Whenever the brothers say hello to either Strawberry or one of the other girls, they would say "Ciao" and then what their name is in Italian. For example, "Ciao Ciliegia!" means "Hello Cherry!" Or for Blueberry, it would be "Ciao Mirtillo!"


  • (When Pizza first sees Strawberry Shortcake) *gasps*  *kneels down on one knee and holds Strawberry's hand* "Ciao bella ragazza. Sei come un angelo che é venuto giú e rubato il mio cuore." (Hello pretty girl. You are like an angel that has come down and stolen my heart)
  • (how the brothers say hello to Strawberry) *smiles and waves* "Ciao fragola!"
  • "Ladies and gentlemen! The Berry Bitty Cafe is proud to present the Italian Brothers and their amazing food acrobatics!"
  • (when shocked, surprised, or really happy) "Mama mia!"
  • (while playing their favorite song) "Come! Come dance with us!"


  • Strawberry Shortcake: When Pizza and Pasta first meet Strawberry, Pizza develops a crush on Strawberry and tries to win her heart by being romantic to her. Strawberry keeps denying his attempts because she doesn't want to be dating, which is okay for Pizza, but he still tries once in a while. The brothers enjoy spending time with Strawberry at the cafe by making food with her. They also preform their food acrobatic shows for Strawberry's customers if the cafe is getting too busy for Strawberry to handle alone, which allows Strawberry to catch up on the orders.
  • Plum Pudding: Pasta and Pizza enjoy dancing around with Plum at her dance studio, and Plum enjoys learning new dances from Italy. The trio put on fun and enjoyable performances for everyone in Berry Bitty City.
  • Raspberry Torte: Raspberry enjoys the Italian brothers for their wonderful sense of Italian fashion and she gets inspired to create fancy and stylish Italian dresses and outfits for the girls.
  • Cherry Jam: With her musical talent, Pizza and Pasta learn some of her songs while also teaching her a few Italian music pieces too. The three of them enjoy playing music together while Cherry also learns how to sing in Italian too.
  • Sweet Grapes: Enjoys watching the Italian brothers entertain them with their food acrobatics and loves their funny and happy antics.