Melon Soda
Melon soda by chrismh-d942qlo
Theme Colors Pale Yellow, Green, Light Fuchsia
Symbol Melon, A Glass with Drink in it
Pet Spring (Hummingbird)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Lime
Professional Statistics
Occupation Florist
Personal Status
Relatives Lime Soda (little sister)

Melon Soda is a florist who runs Berry Green Acres, where she sells various and raises various plants.



Melon has a fair complexion with pale pink lips and bright yellow eyes. Her lime-green hair is neatly brushed, with dark green ribbon wrapped around her straightened forelocks. Her fluffy bangs reach her eyes with a part at the center. She has a thick cowlick. On the side of her head, Melon wears a dark green hair clip with a melon, along with a deco ornament, composed of a glass with a straw and melon-colored liquid.

Melon's attire consists of a pale yellow frilly dress with pale melon gradient on the sleeves and bottom. Along with white bloomers, a pink flower bracelet, a cherry charm bracelet, and dark green Mary-Jane shoes with a ribbon on the ankle and a pink flower on the toe.

Melon is very feminine and girly, which reflects with her various outfits.


Sensitive and delicate, Melon is sugary sweet and aims to please. Her perky and bubbly nature spreads smiles for miles. She is easy-going and a "my pace" type, but she is unable to handle critisism; whether she requests for it or not.

During her spare time, Melon Soda can normally be found making flower accessories or experimenting with Strawberry Shortcake. She loves to try to come up with her own recipes- with varying degrees of success. When it comes to her, Natural really is best. Melon knows almost everything when it comes to nature and plants, such as their growing lengths, how much water or sun they need, the best season to grow them, and so on. She also knows how to help sickly plants and collect seeds. She also uses her natural knowledge to repair things using nature. Although she appears slow, she is fairly smart in this field. 




  • She enjoys hanging out with Berrykin Bloom.
  • She is extremely clumsy.
  • She likes to eat Spinach Muffins, Ice Cream Soda, and mint ice cream.