Melody Song is a sweet and loveable girl who is a very talented artist and a very good musician. Despite her name resembling music and not a type of food, Melody is an amazing artist who spends her free time drawing in her notebook. She used to be a rebel girl named Wild and would be really mean to the people of Berry Bitty City, but thanks to Strawberry Shortcake, Melody has changed herself and is back to being sweet and nice again.

Background Edit

Melody was born as an only-child in a wonderful family. She had a mother who always made sure she was happy and a father who provided the girl with whatever she wanted, since he was the boss of a famous music company named Star Records. Melody grew up living a very happy life with her parents in a neighboring town called Berry Town. She went to a nice school and was a very smart student. Everything about her life was a dream come true. When she was 5 years old, her parents gave her a princess party every girl could dream of. There was a pony ride, bouncy castle, and everyone called Melody a queen. It was the happiest day of her life. That night, Melody woke up to a loud noise downstairs. She grabbed her teddy bear and quietly walked down the stairs and heard her mom and dad yelling at each other. She saw their shadows moving around and their voices were loud and scary. Suddenly, her mom says that she wants a divorce. At the time, young Melody didn't know what a divorce meant. The next day, Melody watched in sadness as her mother packed her things and drove her car away from the house, leaving poor Melody and her father behind. Melody's heart was smashed into a million pieces. From that day on, her once perfect life was heading downhill. Without her mother teaching her how to be nice, Melody slowly turned from an angel into a rebel, and she even renamed herself as Wild. When she was 7, Melody would get in trouble with the teachers and not do homework. She was also very mean to her friends and they left her. At home, she would always fight with her dad and get in trouble. Eventually, Melody was forced to leave school and her dad grounded her for life. By the time Melody was the same age as Strawberry Shortcake, she decided to run away from her dad. So one night, Melody slipped out her bedroom window and ran away from her dad and out of Berry Town, promising herself that she would never return there again.

 First ArrivalEdit

When Melody first arrives in Berry Bitty City, she kicks Strawberry Shortcake out of her dream room above the Marketplace and turns it into her own room by throwing out anything she doesn't like. Strawberry is forced to sleep in her old room about her cafe. Melody's bully wrath spreads to the rest of the town. Whenever she loses her temper, anything around her is either broken, bent, or thrown. For example, Melody misses a easy putt at Mr. Longface's mini golf course and she hurled the putter and it landed in the bucket of golf balls and they spilled all over the gound, causing Mr. Longface to slip and fall down. The girls are forced to be Melody's maids and she treats them horribly. Plum Pudding is the first girl that tries to stand up to Melody and Melody shoves Plum into a mud puddle. Strawberry decides enough is enough and she stands up to Melody and gives the mean girl a piece of her mind. Strawberry lets Melody know that she and everyone in Berry Bitty City is done with her bullying ways and that she has to leave down and never come back. Of course, Melody loses her temper and almost hits Strawberry, but Cherry Jam steps in and stops Melody by grabbing her arm before any damage could be done. Then the other girls gather courage and help Strawberry chase Melody out of town. Everyone cheers in victory as Melody runs away. Later that night, a horrible storm is raging outside and Strawberry is inside her cafe enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and reading a book while snuggled under a warm blanket and sitting in a comfy chair. A knock is heard on the door and Strawberry goes to answer it. She gasps in shock to see Melody standing in the rain soaking wet and covered in dirt and mud. Strawberry notices her eyes are full of tears and lets her come inside. She allows Melody to take a shower, get changed into a pair of dry pjs, and spend the night in the guest room. Strawberry makes Melody a delicious meal for her to eat, but Melody doesn't touch the food. Now Strawberry is curious and sits down next to Melody and calmly talks to her. This is when Melody opens up and tells her backstory to Strawberry. Now she knows the truth about why Melody was acting so mean. Melody then starts to cry again and begs Strawberry for forgiveness and asks to teach her how to be nice again. Strawberrygives Melody a big hug and comforts the lonely girl, agreeing to teach her how to be nice and make friends if Melody was willing to learn and try her best. Melody agrees and Strawberry forgives her and lets her stay in the guest room and work at the Marketplace.

Personality (Wild)Edit

Melody is first seen as a really mean girl who calls herself by the name "Wild" and she bullies other people in Berry Bitty City and treats them badly. She would take things, purposely break items that they valued, and even threatens to hurt whoever tries to stand up to her. Melody also has a bad temper and tends to get really angry when someone gets under her skin. As Melody lives in Berry Bitty City, she eventually learns that the rebel girl personality isn't her real self and Melody begs Strawberry Shortcake to help teach her how to be nice again. It was really hard for Melody to be nice to everyone, especially when she made everyone mad at her, but with Strawberry's help, the people of Berry Bitty City warm up to Melody and accept her true personality.


Melody's real personality is a kind and sweet girl who likes having friends that treat her nice. She'll always try to avoid conflicts and settle problems calmly and peacefully. Melody is also a little shy about preforming in public places such as concerts or exhibitions. She likes to keep her drawings to herself cause she thinks of them as personal drawings and doesn't want any negative criticism. When Strawberry Shortcake lets her stay at the cafe and helps her learn how to be nice, Melody rarely smiles because she is scared at how the others will treat her. Melody tends to have low self-confidence and sometimes doubts herself. If someone insults Melody really bad, she would start to cry and run away to be alone. As she makes more and more friends, she starts to smile a lot more and tries to be more social in group events to boost her confidence. Melody is a little like Lemon Meringuein the way of wanting to be useful in Berry Bitty City and she gets a job as a postal girl to deliver the mail around the town. Melody's main goal is to fix all the problems she caused by doing good deeds for everyone in Berry Bitty City and proving to everyone that she has changed and wants a second chance to be their friend. She's eager to learn new things in Berry Bitty City and is willing to help any way she can.

When Melody was a little girl, she listened to Cherry Jam's music for the first time and has been a secret fan of her ever since. She would lip-sync the words perfectly, dance along to the beat, and pretend she is a pop-star herself. Melody soon discovers that she is amazing at playing the saxophone and finds her perfect instrument.

When it comes to standing up for what's right, Melody always stands on the side of truth. She usually doesn't pick sides unless she knows who's right. Also, if Melody sees one of her friends being teased by a mean person, she will step in and act tough like a bodyguard. She never uses violence anymore and rarely gets angry anymore since she can now control her temper a lot better, thanks to Strawberry Shortcake.


As Wild, her appearance consisted of messy black hair that went halfway down her back and had two red highlight streaks starting at her forehead and going down the length of her hair. Wild's outfit was a punk-rock look that consisted of a black shirt with ripped-off sleeves and black pants that had holes and cut-up tears in them. She also had black sneakers that were badly worn-out and dirty. Plus, open-finger leather gloves After a change of heart, Melody's first outfit was Strawberry's spare clothes since she doesn't have her own style. Her main look was a plain red t-shirt with blue shorts and red shoes. Not much style, but Melody chooses to wear it since it was a lot better than her black rebel clothes.


After becoming friends with Raspberry and Lemon, Melody receives her own wardrobe of stylish clothes and a new hairstyle. Her current look is shiny long hair that is waist-length and has a slight curl at the end with her two highlights now a summer-sky blue color. She also wears a hair-clip with her logo on it, a connected pair of music eighth notes. Melody's main outfit is a one-piece, summer-sky blue, summer dress with multiple music notes scattered around the entire dress. She also wears sky-blue and dark blue striped stockings and a pair of sky-blue maryjane shoes. Melody's formal wear is a long, flowing silver sparkly dress that goes all the way down to her feet. She wears her hair in a princess bun-style with a silver diamond tiara on her head. Her accessories include white, elbow-length princess gloves, a pair of sparkly silver heels, and a silver necklace with diamonds in it. Melody calls this look her "Princess Outfit" because whenever she wears it, she feels like a real princess living in a castle.

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One of Melody's talents is drawing. She's always been a fan of making drawings in her sketchbook that she takes with her everywhere she goes. At first, Melody never lets anyone see her drawings for fear of negative criticisim at first, but when she gains some self-confidence, Melody feels more comfortable showing her drawings for people to see. Melody prefers drawing over sculpting cause she likes it a lot more.

Being a Cherry Jam fan, Melody had memorized Cherry's famous song, "Anything is Possible" and can lip-sync it while preforming the same moves from the music video. Later in the series, Melody remembers that she has a gifted talent for playing the alto saxophone and loves playing jazz music, even teaching Cherry Jam a few things about playing jazz.


  • Melody wants to be accepted in Berry Bitty City as her true self and wants to be friends with everyone.
  • She always follows the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Melody always puts her friends first before herself, wanting to do whatever she can to make her friends happy, no matter what the risk is.
  • Melody is a really good swimmer and can swim fast underwater. She can also hold her breath underwater for about 5 minutes.
  • She used to work part-time at the Berrykin Repair Shop with Berrykin Bruce, learning how to be a mechanic and how to fix machines, but leaves the repair shop and joins the post office as a mail delivery girl.
  • Melody is the only girl who doesn't have a berry scooter, but she can rollerblade really fast and can keep up with Strawberry on her berry scooter, sometimes even going faster than her if she wants to.
  • Melody's drawings in her sketchbook reflect on her dreams and feelings. Sometimes she draws memories that involve either her friends being happy or herself being with her friends.
  • At first, the other girls don't accept Melody as a friend, but she proves her kindness to them and eventually wins their friendship one at a time.
  • Her favorite flower is a daisy.
  • Melody knows how to play an alto saxophone and favors to play an instrument rather than sing, even though she's a great singer like the other girls. Her favorite kind of music to play is jazz music.

Quotes (First Arrival)Edit

  • "This is my room! Now beat it!"
  • "You dare disrespect me?!"
  • "Strawberry, you don't have to let me in. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything I did to you and Berry Bitty City. I won't ever bother this lovely town again."
  • "All I want is a second chance. A chance to show you that I changed."
  • "Is there anything I can do to help?"
  • *cries* "I want my mommy back!"
  • *hugs Strawberry and cries softly* "You're the only person who actually cares about me. I wish I was just like you."
  • "Melody Song. That's my real name."
  • "Strawberry. You saved my life. I don't know how I can thank you, but I'll think of a way."

Quotes (General)Edit

  • "Thank you for giving me a second chance. It really means a lot to me."
  • "You can count on me!"
  • "Is it okay if I join too?"
  • "My name is Melody Song. It's very nice to meet you."
  • "I love having friends to play with."

Relationships (How each girl became friends)Edit

Strawberry ShortcakeEdit

The first person that gives Melody a second chance. Melody always goes to Strawberry first whenever she is upset or has a problem. Strawberry is also the person that teaches Melody how to be nice so she can make friends and live in Berry Bitty City again. She looks up to Strawberry as a role model and goes to her for advice and comfort. Melody feels like she owes Strawberry for turning her life around and does whatever she can to help Strawberry and make her happy.

Cherry JamEdit

Melody's favorite pop-star singer. She loves her music and dreams about being famous like her. At first, Cherry doesn't like Melody because she broke her guitar when she was Wild, but one day, Cherry was practicing for an important concert. She sings so much that her voice cuts out and Cherry can't sing or even talk. Plum and the girls think of a way Cherry could preform without singing, but all of their ideas fail miserably. Cherry feels sad cause she can't preform, until she sees Melody secretly dancing to one of her songs. Cherry gets an idea and wants Melody to pose as her for the concert. Melody is really nervous about preforming on stage and rejects the idea, but after some begging and pleading, Melody finally agrees to pose as Cherry for the concert. On the night of the concert, Melody gets stage fright and says she can't preform. Cherry talks to Melody and tells her that there's nothing to worry about and reminds her how great she is. Melody feels better and preforms the show, which goes fantastic. Cherry thanks Melody by accepting her apology and they become friends.

Plum PuddingEdit

The last girl to accept Melody as a best friend. Plum holds a grudge against Melody and tries to prove she's still mean by trying to get her mad and make her life miserable. One day, the two get stranded in the forest and Plum sprains her ankle and needs help to move, but Melody is mad at her for being mean a lot and decides that she doesn't want to help. Plum tries to keep her grudge, but soon gives in when she knows it's too hard to survive on a hurt ankle. Feeling upset, Plum limps over and apologizes to Melody and asks for forgiveness. Melody remembers Strawberry's advice about giving second chances and agrees to forgive her. The two are soon rescued and they become great friends.

Blueberry MuffinEdit

The fourth girl to forgive Melody and be her best friend. Blueberry was struggling to make a new science invention for a upcoming science competition. Melody offers to help, but Blueberry says that Melody isn't smart enough to help her. Melody decides to enter the competition herself to show Blueberry that she can be smart too. While Melody asks for help from her friends, Blueberry struggles and stresses out since she wants to work alone. Soon, Melody notices this and asks Blueberry to help her with her invention. Blueberry says yes and the two girls work together. They win the competition and both girls are very happy. Blueberry apologizes to Melody for saying that she wasn't smart and Melody forgives her.

Orange BlossomEdit

Orange is the fifth girl that Melody became friends with. Melody saved Orange's life twice. The first time was when the girls were swimming and Orange's foot got tangled in seaweed and she couldn't keep her head above water. Melody ran, dove in the water and used her swimming speed to untangle Orange's foot and carried her back to shore. The other time was when Melody was shopping at Orange Mart. Orange was putting away some jars of honey when her step ladder suddenly broke and Orange fell to the ground. Luckily, Melody dropped her shopping basket and caught Orange safely. The trouble wasn't over when two jars of honey fell from the shelf. Orange closed her eyes and waited for the smash, but instead, Melody took the impact on her back and was injured very badly. After coming home from the hospital, Orange gives Melody a wheelchair to sit in and takes her on a stroll outside, but a falcon swoops down and snatches Melody. Orange bravely faces the falcon and ends up chasing it away for good. Melody thanks Orange for saving her and the two make up and become friends.

Raspberry TorteEdit

Melody's third berry friend. Raspberry was stressed out and having a lot of trouble designing new outfits for her upcoming fashion show. Melody suggests that she'd get some sleep and offers to clean up the boutique. After Raspberry leaves to take a nap, Melody cleans up the boutique and then leaves, but accidentally forgets her sketchbook. Plum finds the book and convinces Raspberry that she should use the outfits in Melody's book to model for the fashion show. On the night of a show testing, Melody is excited to see what Raspberry had made, but is horrified when she recognizes the outfits each of the girls model. Melody feels really sad that Raspberry stole her designs and claimed them as her own. Strawberry finds out from Melody and has a talk with Raspberry. Raspberry starts to feel upset for making Melody sad and Strawberry upset. On the night of the fashion show, Raspberry feels really guilty and can't handle the pressure. Strawberry talks to her and soon, Raspberry knows what to do. In front of everyone, Raspberry announces the truth that she didn't create the outfits herself, but that they belonged to Melody. Raspberry announces that she is really sorry to Melody and asks her for forgiveness. When Melody accepts the apology, Raspberry lets Melody model the grand finale outfit, which is one of Melody's designs. Melody is super excited when everyone cheers for her. The next day, Melody walked to the boutique and saw that Raspberry had designed and created a whole wardrobe of amazing clothes just for her. Raspberry apologizes to Melody again for stealing her designs and not giving credit. Melody smiles and forgives Raspberry and the two become good friends.

Lemon MeringueEdit

After being friends with Strawberry, Melody tries to apologize to Lemon first. Lemon didn't feel like talking to Melody after the way she treated her. This was the point where Melody was working part-time at Berrykin Bruce's repair shop, learning how to fix machines. At the salon, Lemon was busy giving hairstyles and facials when her machines started to short circuit and go crazy. Lemon calls Berrykin Bruce for a repair emergency and he and Melody head over to the salon. Lemon is surprised and upset that Melody is at her salon, but she watches her work with Berrykin Bruce and soon, all the salon machines are fully repaired and working again. Melody wishes Lemon a good day, but Lemon feels a little sad for being mean to Melody and ignoring her. After a quick chat with Strawberry, Lemon finds Melody and offers a special makeover just for her. Melody accepts and Lemon gives her a relaxing time at the salon. Melody thanks Lemon for the makeover and notices that Lemon is sad. Lemon admits that she's really sorry and asks to be forgiven. Melody smiles and gives Lemon a big hug and tells her that she accepts the apology.