Lemon Lime is an athletic sports girl who loves to play sports and be active. However, Lemon Lime has one thing that makes her different from Strawberry Shortcake and the other berry girls. Lemon Lime is handicapped in a wheelchair.


At birth, Lemon Lime was a prefectly healthy baby. She had a loving family, a great older sister, and a nice regular life. As Lemon grew up, she started falling in love with sports and even joined her school's basketball team. That's when Lemon discovered that she was an amazing basketball player and went on to set an amazing career for herself. Unfortunately for Lemon, her life was going to take a turn for the worse. When she was 6 years old, Lemon started feeling horrible back pain and suddenly couldn't walk anymore. Her parents took her to the hospital, and they found out her spine was failing. Lemon's only choice was to have back surgery, but this would mean that she could never walk again and have to be in a wheelchair. Lemon accepts the surgery and the doctors help fix her spine. After the surgery, Lemon is okay, but she can't move her legs at all and is placed in a wheelchair. Lemon's parents and older sister try to cheer her up by taking Lemon to all of her favorite places, but Lemon is still sad about not being able to walk. Because of her handicap, Lemon had to leave her school's basketball team and couldn't play anymore school sports. She felt devistated until her parents found her a special basketball program where kids would play basketball in wheelchairs. When Lemon heard the great news, she smiled and cheered with joy. Now, Lemon Lime was able to play basketball once again, even with her being in a wheelchair.

Coming to Berry Bitty CityEdit

Lemon Lime makes her first appearance into Berry Bitty City while going on a exercise run through the grassy forest. As she rolls down the road, she's sweating and breathing heavily from all the exercise and Lemon is going at around 6 mph, which is pretty fast for a wheelchair. Suddenly, one of the wheels hits a stone that's stuck in the road and Lemon loses control and goes flying off her chair and she tumbles about 10 feet away. Since she can't move her legs, it's impossible for Lemon to crawl back to her wheelchair. She yells for help as loud as she can. Luckily, Strawberry Shortcake and Plum Pudding were riding there berry scooters nearby and heard Lemon Lime's calls for help. They speed over to her and help the girl back into her wheelchair. Lemon thanks the girls for helping her and Strawberry offers her some lunch at the cafe. Lemon accepts Strawberry's request and the girls help her back to town. Strawberry makes Lemon Lime a delicious lunch and Lemon happily eats while introducing herself to the rest of the girls. Lemon Meringue gets curious and asks Lemon Lime why she's in a wheelchair. Lemon Lime tells her story about why she's handicapped and all of the girls are fully curious and interested to learn more about what it's like to be handicapped. Lemon Lime feels amazed that Strawberry and the girls are really interested to learn more about her. So Lemon Lime happily tells the girls stories about how she's a basketball player for a wheelchair basketball team. The group asks Lemon Lime if she could show them what wheelchair basketball looks like, and Lemon Lime happily accepts. The girls get their own wheelchairs and Lemon Lime teaches the group everything she knows about wheelchair basketball. At first, the girls struggle and have a really hard time, but they keep trying and after about 2 weeks of practice, the girls get better and better. Lemon Lime decides to have a practice game and all the girls have tons of fun playing the newly-learned sport. Sadly, at the end of the day, Lemon Lime has to go home and the girls are sad to see her go, but she promises to come back again real soon.


Lemon Lime is a realy nice girl that's helpful and always likes to have a conversation with her friends. She enjoys playing sports with the girls and watching the girls play sports like badminton, volleyball, and soccer. She also gives the girls sporting advice and sports tips to make them better players. She makes a great coach for games.

Lemon Lime is also competitive. She likes it when people push her to her limits and not throw the match on purpose. She'll know if someone is not trying their best on purpose. Lemon Lime always follows the golden rule of playing sports: "Always be a good sport to everyone that plays and watches.". She'll always congradulate both her teammates and the other team too on a well-played game and she never ever shows off or rubs victory in someone else's face to make them feel bad. Also, Lemon Lime would always give a lot of credit to her teammates because she knows that without her team, she wouldn't be as good of a player as she is right now.

However, Lemon Lime does have two drawbacks. First, she doesn't like hearing someone talk about her handicap giving her special treatment, or how she could get treated differently than normal people. Lemon Lime wants to be treated like she was a normal person and if push comes to shove, she'll make a bet with the person and will have them see what it's really like to be handicapped by having the person spend a week in a wheelchair. Also, Lemon Lime doesn't like people pushing her wheelchair around becuase she likes to be in control of her wheelchair, but she does let someone push her if she can't make it up a steep hill, or the ground is too uneven and bumpy to go across herself.


Lemon Lime's hair is yellow, just like Lemon Meringue's hair color, with a lime green highlight streak running from the forehead above her left eye and straight down to the back of her head. She always wears her hair in a braided ponytail so that it doesn't get in her face when she's either exercising or playing sports.

Her casual outfit is a girls track practice outfit. It's a lime green light track jacket with a yellow tank-top underneath. The jacket has a yellow collar and parallel yellow lines running down the arms of the jacket. The track pants are also lime green with parallel yellow lines running down the sides of her legs. She also wears matching tennis shoes with yellow laces.

Lemon Lime's workout outfit is a lime green Activewear tank-top with black Activewear workout tights that have green running down the sides of the leg. Her shoes are green athletic running shoes with yellow laces. Even though she can't use her legs, she likes to look the part. She also has a lime green bPod with yellow earbuds and listens to music as she does her exercises.


Lemon Lime's basketball shoes

When playing basketball, Raspberry had made Lemon Lime a special custom basketball jersey as a way of saying thank you for teaching the girls how to play wheelchair basketball. It's a lime green jesery with the number 01 in yellow letters on both the front and the back of the jersey, along with a matching pair of lime green basketball shortswith yellow edges and borders. She also wears lime green Nike basketball shoes with the Nike logo being yellow and having yellow shoelaces.



Lemon Lime's regular wheelchair

Lemon Lime's Regular Wheelchair:

When Lemon Lime is off the basketball court, she uses her regular wheelchair to get around Berry Bitty City. She likes to use this wheelchair because the seat and backrest are cushioned for her so she has something comfortable to sit on. The wheels are made for easy grip and come with emergency brake levers that Lemon Lime can pull in order to lock the wheels up on hills and slopes. It's small enough to fit through doors and is very durable and strong while still being lightweight. Also, this wheelchair can fold up by pushing in from the side handlebars, which makes it easier for storage in her parents car. It's not made to go over uneven ground since it's easy for the wheelchair to get stuck on rocks or potholes


Lemon Lime's basketball wheelchair

Lemon Lime's Basketball Wheelchair:

Wheither it's playing an intense basketball game, or just shooting the ball for fun, Lemon Lime's basketball wheelchair is designed specifically for the court and is much more different than her regular wheelchair. The main difference is the angle of the wheels. The wheels are placed at an angle, which allows for greater stability, easier grip on the wheels, and faster 360º spins. Also, there are added support bars and support wheels that keep the wheelchair from falling over on its side. Finally, there are two seatbelts located at the waist and thighs. These keep Lemon Lime in her wheelchair so she won't fall out onto the floor.


Lemon Lime's main talent is playing wheelchair basketball. She's become a really amazing player on the court and knows everything about the game. She can play basketball like a pro and has led her team to win many games, tournaments, and championships. She has won a lot of trophies and awards over the years and she's known as a star player for wheelchair basketball, although she's not as famous as Cherry Jam, but a lot of people know who Lemon Lime is.


  • Lemon Lime prefers manual wheelchairs over electric wheelchairs because she calls electric wheelchairs "Lazy rollers".
  • Lemon Lime only played regular basketball in the fourth grade because that was the earliest grade she could be to join a sports team. When she was 6 years old and in the fifth grade, she had to stop because of her weakened spine.
  • Lemon Lime's wheelchair basketball team, the Berry Big Ballers, has won hundreds of games, over 20 tournaments, and has taken home 5 out of 6 championship trophies, only losing the one trophy because Lemon Lime was sick with the flu on the day of the game.
  • Lemon Lime doesn't know how to play an instrument because she never really found an interest in playing music, but she always listens to music on her bPod when either exercising or just relaxing.
  • Even though Lemon Lime can't walk and is limited by her handicap, she doesn't let that stop her from having a great life. She tries to be like a normal person as much as she can because she doesn't like getting special treatment unless she has no choice.
  • In order to travel from town to town, Lemon Lime would either hitch a ride with one of the girls by being towed behind their berry scooter at a safe speed, or calling her parents to come pick her up in their minivan that has a ramp for her wheelchair.
  • Lemon Lime can enter Lemon's Salon, and Strawberry's Berry Bitty Cafe because their front doors are on the ground. Where as Plum's Sweet Beats StudioBlueberry's BookstoreOrange Mart, and Raspberry's Fresh Fashions Boutique all have a staircase leading to the front door, but the girls adjust for this by building a handicap ramp for Lemon to ride on.
  • Lemon Lime prefers that Strawberry and the girls call her Lime so that there isn't any confusion between her and Lemon Meringue.


  • *smiles* "Thank you so much for helping me back in my wheelchair. I really appreciate it."
  • *shocked when Plum leans her back in the wheelchair* "Woah! Woah! Plum! Stop it! Put me down! Put me down!"
  • *calms down* "Plum, you should never ever do that to someone in a wheelchair, unless you have their permission first. If you went back any further, I could've fell out and gotten hurt."
  • *smiles* "Wow! My name's Lemon too!" *giggles* "Okay. How about this. We'll call you Lemon, and you girls can call me Lime. Just so we don't have a mixup of who's who."
  • *blows her whistle* "Ok girls! Lets begin our first wheelchair ball practice!"
  • *congratulates the girls* "Nice job everyone. That was a great first practice."
  • *talks to Orange* "Orange. I think you did a great job today. Sure you had a few stumbles, but this was only our first practice. It's hard to learn something new, but I know you can do it. I believe in you."
  • *hears Plum talking about her and gets upset* "So you think that being handicapped is cool cause you get special treatment? Well then, I challenge you to a little contest. I have a spare wheelchair back at my house. My parents can bring it out and lets see if you can go a whole week being handicapped. Yep. You can't use or move your legs even once. That way, you'll be able to know what it's like for me, cause I know you'll think differently after realizing the truth of being handicapped."


  • Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry is the first girl that Lemon Lime meets when she and Plum help put her back in her wheelchair after having an accident. Strawberry treats Lemon Lime to a nice lunch at her cafe and Lemon is very grateful for Strawberry's kindness. She and Strawberry are good friends.
  • Plum Pudding: Plum is also the first girl that Lemon Lime meets along with Strawberry in the forest. At first, Plum tries to have a little fun by trying to give Lemon Lime a ride by leaning her back so she looks at the ceiling, but Lemon reacts and loudly tells Plum to put her down immediately. She then tells Plum to never do that unless she has permission. Plum apologizes and all is forgiven. That is until later in the day when Lemon Lime overhears Plum talk about how it must be so cool to be handicapped, but Lemon Lime gets mad and tells Plum that she's wrong about what she said. And to prove her point, Lemon Lime has Plum go a whole week pretending to be handicapped. At first, Plum finds it easy, but soon, she realizes Lemon Lime's point and admits that she was wrong. Lemon Lime reminds Plum that living with a disability like being handicapped will change your life and affect forever. She forgives Plum and the two are good friends.
  • Orange Blossom: Lemon Lime helps cheer up Orange after she does badly at the first wheelchair basketball practice. She also helps Orange get herself used to the game and the movements of the wheelchair. At first, Orange has a really hard time, but Lemon Lime keeps encouraging Orange to not give up. Eventually, Orange gets better and better and she thanks Lime for all of her help.
  • Raspberry Torte: As a way to say thank you to Lemon Lime for teaching them wheelchair basketball, Raspberry makes everyone brand new basketball jerseys and shorts for them to wear when playing games. Lemon Lime enjoys her present a lot and even gives her the idea to have their first actual game of wheelchair basketball.