Theme Colors Purple (Like Plum)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Animal
Gender female
Eye Color Light purple
Hair Color Purple (Like Plum's)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Riding and Companion Horse
Personal Status

Groove is a well talented horse owned by Plum Pudding. They both like to dance as well as be out on rides.

Bio on how she met PlumEdit

It was a sunny day when Plum noticed how happy Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry, Blueberry and the twins were with their horses. "Hmmm... I wonder what it would be like having a horse." she thought. Cherry came by, riding High-Note. "Hey Plum." she said. "Hey, Cherry." Plum sighed. she then told Cherry that she wants to have a horse like she and the other five girls. Later, Plum went to some stables to find a horse she would love to buy. The owner came by when she arrived. "Hi there, looking for a horse?" he asked. "Yeah," Plum said. "I'm looking for one that can be ridden, and has talent." The owner told her she came to the right place. he showed her 20 different riding horses out of their stables. The owner let Plum have a quick ride on all of them. The 19 she rode, she was a little in the middle. When she came to the last one (Named Groove), Groove danced around her happily. When Plum had a ride on her she cheered with glee. "This one is definitely the horse I wish to adopt!" Plum said happily. She filled the blank owner's name line, the vet gave her a quick check-up and Groove was happily on her way home with Plum as her owner. Everyone happily welcomed Groove to the stables. Now when Plum sees Groove, they either go for a ride or do some dancing.


Groove is a purple patchwork horse that is purple all over, from eye colour, to her coat and to her mane and tail.

Her riding reins are basically blue.


  • Groove and Plum both love to dance.
  • Groove's riding is quite like Gold-Lock's.
  • Plum brushes Groove in the morning, after completing a ride to somewhere, returning from a ride and before they go to bed.