Theme Colors Yellow
Physical and Vital Information
Race Animal
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Yellow
Professional Statistics
Occupation Riding and Companion Horse
Personal Status

Gold-Lock is a majestic, stylish type of horse. She is owned by Lemon Meringue.

Bio (What she's been through and coming to Berry Bitty City)Edit

Gold-Lock galloped through a storm, at the start of August. She was looking for a new home after what she went through (That being, slipping, pulling muscles and an angry former owner), 3 days later, Lemon Meringue found her with scraped knees. She got quite a shock at Gold-Lock's scraped knees. Lemon took Gold-Lock to a vet at once. The history of what the horse went through took Lemon aback. "No, that's awful." She remarked. Lemon was given ownership of Gold-Lock, because the vet knew that the beautiful horse would be in safer hands. Gold-Lock had a few scrapes, but was still suitable for riding. "Poor thing." said Lemon, feeling bad about the horse. She jumped onto Gold-Lock's back and trotted off home. Gold-Lock had a stable installed near High-Note. Gold-Lock had never been more happier in her life. She was given sympathy, and Lemon fixed her hair as good as new. Gold-Lock may of had just reins, but she was still amazing. Her scrapes disappeared in time. Strawberry cuddled Gold-Lock to cheer her up. And everyone pitched in on making sure her hooves are cleaned, if Gold-Lock was washed properly and if she needed to keep her strength up.


Gold-Lock is a yellow horse with blonde hair, and a pattern of hair brushes.

Riding: She has ordinary reins whenever she was ridden.


  • Lemon: Her owner.
  • Strawberry: Cuddled her to cheer her up.
  • Cherry: Cleaned the dirt off of Gold-Lock.


  • Gold-Lock and High-Note like to do a cantering race most of the time.
  • When she walks, she held her head up high, and her legs would go very high.
  • Her mane and tail are always brushed so it stays glamorous.
  • When Gold-Lock gallops, her mane and tail always flow beside her.