General Eggplant
Theme Colors Black and Purple
Symbol Dark Strawberry
Pet No Pets
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Unknown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Military Chief
Personal Status
Relatives Dr. Dark Strawberry (His Friend)

All Monsters or Devils (His Boss)

General Eggplant (ジェネラル茄子:Jeneraru Nasu) is a military chief of Dark Strawberry and D.O.O.M. He's Co-Leader with Dr. Dark Strawberry.


Season 6

  • General Eggplant was training as a soldier of a country. But was not pass. He will to be a Destroyer of the World as a Berryville or Berryland. His hometown is Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • In Partners In Crime he met Dr. Dark Strawberry for a proud to success be a Co-Leader of Dark Strawberry presently.
  • General Eggplant wasn't create any monsters, But Leader will create anytime.


  1. Strawberry Shortcake : His Enemy all the time when she revenged.
  2. Blueberry Muffin : His neutral cause of Dark Strawberry will does with her.
  3. Plum Pudding : His old friend at Dusseldorf. But She angry when Eggplant joins with Dark Strawberry as enemy.
  4. Cherry Jam : His Witness with her When she has a party.

His PersonalityEdit

General Eggplant is an unknown-haired man because he wear a hat. He is a younger than Leader . He has a dark brown-eyed man. He wasn't create any monsters such as leader Cause he's a military chief.


Partners In CrimeEdit

*Calls out everyone at Berryville* "I'm General Eggplant! and my leader Dark Strawberry. I am the BEST!"


  • General Eggplant has a voice actor is Mark Hamill
  • General Eggplant was born in Budapest of Hungary.
  • General Eggplant can't speak Hungarian Language but he can speaks German,French and English.