Eggplant's Past on the Night is the 78th Episode of Strawberry Shortcake and the third episode of sixth season. General Eggplant will be plotted in this episode.


In the airship of D.O.O.M. Leader (or Dr. Dark Strawberry) wants a new monster from krakens,seas and something else. Eggplant repairs an engine cause of broke. The engine in the airship was worked again. Strawberry takes a plan with her friends to hide and stealth. But, Blueberry doesn't know how to silence them. Strawberry also gets Blueberry to silence killing. At midnight the mysterious man with 'Thawb' uniform. He killed a henchmen. Blueberry doesn't know that an Arabian Defender of Berry Bitty. Mysterious man said "Leave me alone, Girl." She also leave out of this lot. But she surrounded by henchmen and leader. Plum wants to help her but, it late. Blueberry was arrested by Killing Henchman and Out of Tax. Blueberry was jailed by a month. Arabian man said "I'm Al-Aubergine Sweet Potato . I'm the arabian defender." Blueberry is so nice to meet him. He's nice too. Aubergine helps her to destroy a battery of bomb. But Blueberry must to cut that a cable of bomb to stop.


  • Al-Aubergine Sweet Potato is only silent protagonist character of season 6. And he is the foreigner character from Middle East.
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