Dot and Macaroon
Dot and Macaroon
Theme Colors Matches the twins' theme colours.
Physical and Vital Information
Race Animal
Gender Female
Eye Color Dot's are pink and Macaroon's are Neon Yellow
Hair Color The hair matches the twin that owns them
Professional Statistics
Occupation Riding and Companion Horses
Personal Status

Dot and Macaroon are twins, like their owners, Sweet and Sour Grapes.


Sweet and Sour were taking a scooter ride through the outskirts one sunny morning, when they both broke down. Sweet was glum and Sour was just grumpy. They both kept their cool when they were they continued the journey on foot. Suddenly, two horses came towards them. "Heads up, Sweet!" Sour called. Sweet gasped and realised... "They must want the carrots we've been saving." Just then the owner came towards the girls as the horses stopped in front of them, with a vet by his side. "Are you alright?" he asked. The twins said they were fine and told them the horses came for a carrot they saved for themselves... "Hey Sour, do these horses look familiar to you?" Sweet asked. "They kinda do look familiar to me..." Sour replied. The two horses looked at each other, then the twins, then they neighed with great delight. "They remember us!" the twins said in surprised union. The vet explained they had just checked on the horses to see if their health was fine. Which good news, was true. "Oh I missed you Dot!" Sweet squeaked as she cuddled the pink horse with the white polka dots. "Great to see you Macaroon!" Sour sighed when she hugged the multi-coloured horse with the matching colours also being in polka dots. The vet and the owner let the twins get on the backs of the horses they've cuddled. The girls enjoyed a bareback canter around the big field, when the girls were given the ownership certificates when they signed the line, the vet let the horses be ridden home. When they got to the stables, Cherry and High-Note, Lemon and Gold-Lock, Raspberry and Glimmer, Blueberry and Bluebell were already coming back from their day of riding. When they saw the twins coming down from their horses, they couldn't believe their eyes. As Dot and Macaroon went to sleep in a twin stable that night, they dreamed of the happy days they had back then, and the ones for the future.


Dot: Dot's colours in the mane, tail, and even her coat matched Sweet's theme colours.

Macaroon: Macaroon had the matching colours as Sour's hair all over her, her hooves are brown like a normal horse.


  • Sweet and Sour have known Dot and Macaroon back when the horses were ponies.
  • Dot and Macaroon have been ridden bareback a few times back in the academy days without reins, but they now give the twins ride like this all the time.
  • The twin horses are the only horses with polka dots.
  • Macaroon is the first horse to have multiple colours.