Cold shoulder is a Berry Bitty Adventures fan episode created by Slipperyfish913.


The horses have to stay in their stables on a cold winter's day, but High-Note doesn't want to... Instead she wants to go for a little ride. Could High-Note have made a big mistake by wanting to go riding?

Episode plotEdit

It was a cold winter morning in Berry Bitty City and the girls were busy cleaning the stables out. While they were doing that, the horses were in the jumping field and going over the jumps.

Cherry heard Glimmer and Groove neighing to let Plum and Raspberry know they wanted to go back to their stalls. Luckily, they were done with the cleaning.

The girls had just washed their hands when the horses came back to them. They were all given a good, hot, soapy wash so they wouldn't shiver. When they dried them off, Crystal and Butterscotch were both given an apple by Strawberry and Apple, Orange gave Treacle a carrot, Gold-Lock munched on some nice lettuce that Lemon had, and the rest of the horses chose to eat the fresh eating hay.

Crystal really didn't like the cold. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-It's like -3 out here." she shivered. Butterscotch's answers was basically, "Y-Y-Y-Y-You're n-n-n-not k-k-k-kidding there. ACHOO!"

They were both put into their stall with a blanket covering their backs. Crystal and Butterscotch smiled and said they felt toasty.

The other girls put a blanket on their horse before putting them into their stalls... However, High-Note did have her blanket put on, but she wouldn't go back into her stable. She was pulling Cherry away from the stall.

"Whoa, High-Note! What's wrong girl, don't you wanna be in the warmth?" she asked. High-Note neighed quietly. "What? A ride in this weather?" Cherry spluttered, "High-Note, we can't go out riding today because it's too cold." she replied. "C'mon girl, I promise I'll see you later."

But the horse was having none of that. She made it look like a tug-o-war game between her and her mistress.

"High-Note, please, you're causing a scene!" Cherry said when the others saw her trying pulling the reins to make her horse return to the stable.

She wasn't very happy when she slipped and landed in the snow... "*Sigh* Okay girl, you win." sighed Cherry as she stood up. "Do you want your saddle for this one?" High-Note shook her head to say 'yes' on Cherry getting the saddle.

Cherry saddled High-Note and they rode off into the cold countryside.

Soon, they were riding on the gritted path. That made it easier for High-Note's hooves to make a clip-clop, clip-clop sound as she walked along.

Soon, they galloped through the forest snow began to come up from the ground when High-Note galloped.

Then, Cherry's hat and scarf blew away in a heavy wind as well as High-Note's blanket. "Oh no!" Cherry cried.

When they were on their way back to the stables, High-Note began to shiver. She soon knew she should of gone into her stall. Cherry patted her in forgiveness, before telling her that they had to find their way back before they became popsicles. Then, they galloped off.

On their way back, they saw Huckleberry's Pup Mobile stuck in the snow, and a police officer asking him questions.

Huck was telling the officer that his snow chains for the tyres got stolen and he was going to replace the said chains.

"Okay." said the officer, "So, you had your snow chains stolen, you were going to get some new ones, your tyres lost a bit of pressure and it made you slide into the snow."

"That's exactly what happened." Huckleberry said calmly.

When the officer went away, Cherry and High-Note helped Huckleberry out of the snow by pushing the Pup Mobile out. They gave him a ride back to Berry Bitty City, where everyone was waiting.

Everyone was relieved when they all came back safely.

High-Note went back home, where she (Luckily) had another blanket in case she lost her other one. Cherry wrapped it around her when High-Note raced into her stall.

She told the girls what happened over a hot chocolate social. They were surprised about it.

Cherry decided to bring Cinnapup so they could share High-Note's blanket.

Cherry, Cinnapup and the horses were quietly sleeping tight, waiting for the morning.

When the morning came, the horses saw the girls who happily took them out of their clean stalls. When Cherry, Cinnapup and High-Note came out, they saw that spring-time had arrived.

When the horses were all ready, the girls took them for a "Spring begins" ride around the countryside.

And that is where the episode ends.


  • Cherry: High-Note, please, you're causing a scene!


  • Crystal: I-I-I-I-I-I-It's like -3 out here.
  • Butterscotch: Y-Y-Y-Y-You're not kidding there. ACHOO!!


  • Cherry's hat and scarf had never blown away until this episode.