Cherry Blossom Tea is a asia who came to Berry Bitty City in search of a new crowd. She runs the Berry

BioEdit Edit

Cherry blossom tea macaqueroon

This melodic Asia Girl came to Berry Bitty City to get away from the stressful life of a asia. Little did she know, she would come to love this little town and decide to stay. But don't get her wrong, this musical diva is as sweet as her tea. 

AppearanceEdit Edit

Cherry has yellowish skin with yellow lips and brown eyes. Her long black silky hair has a slight curl on the tips with fluffy bangs and spiked forelocks covering her ears. She wears a hot redheadband with a pale red flower sewn to the side of it with two hanging cherries. When she used to perform she wore streaks and a hot red on her cheek. At times she may pull her hair into a pigtail.

Later in the series for casual outings Cherry Tea wears a dress with light pink coloring on top separated from the light pink skirt by a thin hot

pink band adorned with her cherry flower ornament. A section of light pink coloring is on the corner of the dress accent. She wears a pair of white and light pink striped leggings voice actress, and voice for Rugrats Kimi.