Banana Cream is Lemon Meringue's older sister that lives in Berry Big City. She also owns and runs her own luxurious spa that is much more modernized and better than Lemon's Salon in Berry Bitty City. She always wants her little sister Lemon to follow her example since she's the oldest and believes that little siblings should be like the older siblings.


Banana Cream was born about a year ahead of Lemon Meringue. As the two girls grew up, Banana Cream learned a lot of things from her parents and taught Lemon a lot of things she knows, including some of the things she knows about styling hair and doing manicures. Banana has always been better than Lemon at a lot of things when they were little kids. For example, in kindergarten, Banana made a finger-painting of her family that looked nice while Lemon only made a messy scribble drawing and was covered in paint. During 4th grade, Lemon won 3rd place in an art competition by making a sculpture of a daisy flower, but Banana won 1st place with her replica painting of Van Gogh's Starry Night. As the two girls grew older, their mom hired them to help out at her spa in Berry Big City. Lemon and Banana worked as helpers who folded towels and robes, restocked shelves with merchandise, and helped mom service customers. As they worked, Lemon would sometimes make mistakes that would make customers upset, but Banana would preform her duties efficiently and perfectly. Banana was soon promoted up the ranks from towel girl to mom's personal assistant, who would help manage appointments and even service customers by giving them facials, or shampoos, or even hot coal massages. Lemon felt like Mom liked Banana more than her because Banana was a higher rank than Lemon. One night at dinner, Banana was talking about her day helping mom at the spa. She had developed a habit of bragging without even knowing. Lemon felt upset and started getting mad at Banana. Their mom and dad were impressed at Banana's story and mom made a joke about Banana someday taking ownership of the spa. Lemon gets upset and throws a tantrum, yelling at Banana for her constant bragging and thinking she's better than Lemon. Banana tells Lemon that she is better than her and has proven it with all the 1st place awards and trophies she's won. Lemon decides that she's had enough of living in Banana's shadow and moves out of the house and over to Berry Bitty City, where she opens her own salon. Today, Banana runs her mom's spa, which she named the Royal Treatment Spa, in Berry Big City.


Banana Cream is a classy girl who enjoys fine arts and fancy experiences. She's artistic, talented, and multi-functional, while also demonstrating her classic ways by acting professional and like an adult. Everyone knows Banana for her super talents in giving beauty treatments. However, her success and fame has led to some bad habits that developed ever since she was little. These bad habits include bragging about herself, showing off her skills a little too much, and being a bad sport by gloating her victory to others. Banana also likes to show Lemon Meringue how she does things that Lemon already knows, which annoys Lemon a lot. Plus, Banana treats Lemon like a baby and always embarrasses her in public, which makes Lemon angry.

After learning from Strawberry about how to be a better sister, Banana is actually a sweet and fun girl who likes to have fun with Lemon and the other girls. She is compassionate, caring, and always has her little sister's back when she needs it.

Banana also has a puppy named Princess. Princess is a white Poodle that is about the same height and size as Lemon's puppy Henna.


Banana Cream's poodle named Princess.


Since Banana Cream and Lemon Meringue are sisters, they both share a lot of the same talents. Just like Lemon, Banana's special talent is giving beauty treatments to other people. That includes giving relaxing facials and massages, creating fabulous hairstyles, and has a sharp eye for makeup and looks.

Some of her other talents include being a great sculpter and an expert ballet dancer. She's also an amaing flute player and enjoys playing classical music.


Banana Cream has long, curly hair that is a whitish-yellow color and goes down to her waist. Her outfit consists of a light-cream color blazer jacket with a cream and white striped tank-top underneath. She also wears a tan-colored belt around her waist with a pair of white designer long pants and cream-colored high heels.

Her accessories include a white Michael Kors cream purse and she wears a pair of white Dior sunglasses with dark-brown lenses that displays her logo of a slice of banana cream pie on the sides.


Banana Cream's designer purse


Banana Cream's sunglasses


Banana Cream drives a 2009 Cream-White Porsche 911 Carrera S.


  • Banana Cream is an amazing hair stylist and knows more than Lemon about beauty treatments since she's older.
  • The spa she runs is located in Berry Big City and Banana is very popular. It used to belong to their mother when they were younger, but Banana became head stylist and manager when she grew up.
  • Banana is a great painter, a graceful ballet dancer, and she knows how to play the flute.
  • Banana and Lemon have a lot in common with each other, but look completely different in hairstyle, colors, and outfits.
  • Banana tries to act like an adult and also tries to fit in with the adults and be mature rather than trying to be a kid like Lemon and have playful fun.
  • She prefers fancy and classical things such as classical music, ballet dancing, fancy tea parties, etc.


  • (when she sees Lemon) *smiles* "Yoo-hoo! Lemmypoo!"
  • (cooing at Lemon) "Awww. Don't be pouty baby sister. I'm just helping you."
  • "No no no Lemmypoo. Let me show you how to do it right."
  • "I'm so sorry for her naughty behavior. She should know better than to throw a temper tantrum in public."
  • "Don't you ever talk to me like that Lemon. I'm your big sister and you listen to me."
  • (talking calmly with Lemon) "Lemon. You're right. I should've listened to you and thought more about how you feel. From now on, I'll treat you the way you want me to treat you. No more baby names or baby talk."


  • Lemon Meringue: Banana Cream's little sister. Banana has always tried to teach Lemon that she should do things like her big sister. She also treats Lemon like a baby or a toddler by humiliating her in front of people and calling Lemon babyish names like Lemmypoo or baby sister, most commonly calling her Lemmy and talks to her like she's a little kid, which makes Lemon really mad. For example, Banana sees Lemon practicing her ballet at Plum's dance studio and informs her that she's not doing it properly. Banana does her best to move Lemon around by holding her arms and moving for her, which the other girls find a little funny at first. Lemon gets upset and tells her sister to stop, but Banana talks to Lemon like she's a 4 year old toddler, making the others softly giggle. After getting in a big fight with Lemon, Banana Cream decides to leave Berry Bitty City, but her car breaks down. Lemon sees Banana stranded on the side of the road and decides to help her. After the car is fixed, Banana says sorry to Lemon and promises to treat her like a big girl. Lemon accepts her sister's apology and the two make up. Ever since then, Banana has always supported her little sister for doing her own things and always has her back in case Lemon needs someone.
  • Raspberry Torte: Banana mostly hangs out with Raspberry since the two work a lot together when it comes to fashion designs. Raspberry designs the outfits while Banana uses her beauty skills to add matching makeup and hairstyles to complete the look.
  • Plum Pudding: Plum and Banana practice ballet dancing together at the dance studio. She enjoys being with Plum and considers her ballet dancing a "fine example of class and culture."
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Enjoys eating delicious meals at the cafe, although she finds some of the food to be "not classy enough", like waffles and pancakes. But Strawberry teaches Banana a lesson about everyone having their own personality and being yourself. Banana learns from Strawberry's words and uses her advice to patch up her relationship with Lemon Meringue.
  • Cherry Jam: Cherry and Banana have been friends for a long time. Cherry was Banana's regular customer when she was living in Berry Big City. The two girls enjoy spending time together and telling stories about how they spent their lives.