Aerial Ace is a famous stunt pilot that's known for her death-defying stunts and air shows. She's the best stunt-flyer and knows her way in and out of a plane. She's a very experienced pilot and loves preforming air stunts for her fans.


Aerial Ace was born into a loving family settled on a farm in the countryside. She grew up with two brothers who are about a year older than her. Aerial's grandpa was also a stunt-flyer back when he was a young adult and is a retired member of the elite aerial group known as the Skyhawks, a special-talented group of stunt-flyers who are masters of the air. Aerial's grandpa would tell her amazing stories of him being in the Skyhawks and this sparked her love of flying. As a little girl, Aerial would pretend to be a pilot and run around the house, making plane noises with her mouth and holding her arms out like wings, which her parents found cute and funny. When she was about 7 years old, her grandpa died from natural old age. She had received a lot of his items, including a pilot's cap, a flight jacket, a pair of plane goggles, and other pilot items and clothes. One of her most prized possessions is her grandpa's Skyhawk patch that's stitched onto the left sleeve of the jacket. She promises to keep his spirit of flying alive and always keeps the thought of her grandpa close to herself. When she was around Strawberry Shortcake's age, Aerial bought her first plane and modified it herself to handle extreme stunts and aerial movements. Overtime, Aerial has been performing in air shows and exhibitions all across the world.

Coming to Berry Bitty CityEdit

Aerial's first appearance in Berry Bitty City is her flying over the city on her way to a air show. Her plane suddenly has an engine blowout, which causes her to lose control and she crashes just outside of town. Strawberry Shortcake and the other girls see her plane and the ground shakes with the impact. They race over to the crash site and find Aerial unconscious and severely injured. The girls help Aerial out of the wreckage and take her back to the cafe, where they call the doctor to have Aerial's injuries treated. Hours later, Aerial wakes up and sees the girls, but starts to freak out cause she doesn't know who they are or where she is. After Strawberry calms her down, Aerial introduces herself and tries to leave, but she can't move well because of her injuries. Strawberry and her friends decide to take care of Aerial until she feels better.


Aerial Ace is a very kind and helpful girl. She always likes to show her flying talents to people and is willing to accept any challenge. Her bravery also leads to one of her downfalls. Sometimes, the challenges she accepts lead her to almost crashing her plane into the ground and getting seriously injured.

Aerial loves having friends and enjoys spending time with them, although she has trust issues when it comes to people wanting to see her plane. She'll allow people to look at it, but gets very protective when someone tries to touch it for fear they might sabotage it, but Aerial is a sweet girl and loves to help her friends.


Aerial's hair is tangerine orange that goes down to her waist and is also very shiny and the sunlight makes it look like she has white streaks in it.

Aerial Ace's flying outfit is an old aviator's flight jacket that belonged to her grandpa before he passed away. She always wears it with the patch of the Skyhawks stitched onto the sleve of her left arm. She also wears her grandpa's leather aviator's cap and goggles when she flies her plane. Also included in her flight outfit is beige pants with black pilot gloves and black boots. She wears this outfit as respect for her grandpa, who gave her the intrest of flying.

[1]Aerial's pilot jacket[2]Pilot's cap and goggles[3]Pilot gloves[4]Pilot boots

Aerial's common outfit is a simple orange t-shirt, white overalls, and orange running shoes. She also wears an orange baseball cap with a white rim on her head. While working on her plane, her clothes and herself are usually covered in dirt and oil spots, but she always washes her clothes and takes a shower every day to keep herself clean.


Aerial's stunt plane, nicknamed the Spirit Fighter, is a 1942 P-51 Mustang that she has modified herself to be a stunt plane. She has modified the engine to give her plane a top speed of over 500 mph. She also has modified the frame to be stronger for high-pressure maneuvers and better handling. Aerial keeps her plane in tip-top shape by maintaining it, giving it tuneups, and immediately fixing any broken or damaged parts. She also washes her plane by hand with a bucket, sponge, and soft towels to keep it very clean and running perfectly. Aerial's plane is her most prized possession and has a very strict rule about anyone touching it, believing that someone might try to sabotage her plane.


Aerial's P-51 Mustang

Aerial can preform a lot of amazing maneuvers in her Mustang. Including loops, spins, skids, high-pressure turns, and a lot more stunts. Her signature stunt is a four-loop spin dive. Aerial would climb to a very high altitude and then start to dive. After gaining enough speed, she would pull back on the stick and cut power to the engine, causing the plan to start doing stand-still loops while diving. This move is really dangerous because if done wrong, the pilot can't get out of dive fast enough and will crash the plane. Aerial only does this move if the weather conditions are perfect.


Aerial's main talent is stunt flying in her plane. She also learned how to play the harmonica from her dad, which she plays while relaxing on her downtime.

Because of her knowledge of planes and vehicles, Aerial is a very talented mechanic and can fix lots of vehicles. Everything from planes to cars and even bikes and berry scooters, Aerial can fix anything and has even taken a side job with Berrykin Bruce at the mechanic shop.


  • Aerial can fly any plane with a propeller. She can't fly a jet cause they're too hard to fly and she can't fly a helicopter cause she thinks those fly weird.
  • She has won over 30 tournaments, 200 races, and has participated in over 400 air shows across the world in her lifetime.
  • Aerial doesn't like anyone touching her plane. She let this happen once and it caused her plane's engine to be sabotaged by another racer that she thought was a good person. During a race, her engine blew up into black smoke and she almost crashed, but Aerial managed to safely land the plane in a farm field, but it cost her the race. Ever since then, she has a strict rule about no one touching her plane for fear of sabotage again, but she allows people to look at it only.
  • Sometimes, Aerial will sleep in her plane's cockpit for no reason at all and she likes it.
  • When not flying her plane, Aerial rides around on her tangerine-colored bicycle that has white rubber tires.
  • She also has a little pet flying squirrel named Eagle that likes to sit on her shoulder or on top of her head. She trained him to lend a helping hand in the workshop while fixing her plane or maintaining it.


  • (wakes up after being unconscious) (panics) "Wha? Who? Who are you?! Where am I?! Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!"
  • (after calming down) (smiles) "Sorry about freaking out earlier. My name's Aerial Ace."
  • (when she's about to take off in her plane) "Time to fly!"
  • (stopping the girls from touching her plane) "Woah woah woah! Stop right there! First rule about my plane. Only I can touch it, no one else."
  • "It's always been my dream to be a real Skyhawk. My grandpa was one, and I want to be one just like he was."
  • "I love to fly. Every time I fly through the air, I feel free from everything and I can see the world with an amazing view."


  • Plum Pudding: Plum is a huge fan of Aerial Ace because she can do amazing thirlls and isn't scared of anything. Aerial likes Plum as one of her fans and even gives her an autograph for a souvenir. Plum always has Aerial's back and will defend her in any case. Plum always enjoys hearing Aerial tell one of her amazing and thrilling race stories and even once thought about becoming a stunt pilot, but Aerial talks her out of it, saying that it's really dangerous and people have gotten really hurt. Aerial and Plum become really close friends.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: After the crash, Aerial is taken to the cafe where a doctor is called to treat her wounds and injuries. When Aerial wakes up, she sees Strawberry and the girls and starts to panic and freak out. Strawberry eventually calms her down and explains that she's in a safe place. Later on, Strawberry has a little talk with Aerial about trusting people and wants her to try and let people see her plane with her supervision. Aerial agrees and soon starts gaining trust that not everyone wants to sabotage her. She and Strawberry become great friends.